Hi !
I have 5+ years experience working with code, data, frameworks and teams across multiple levels. Most of my work experience has been in e-commerce, ed-tech and finance sectors.

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Software should strive to save time and increase expressivity !
  • Scaling and Optimisation

    Are your users going away or standing in line ?

  • Backend Development

    Does your API make sense ?

  • Strategy

    Are you looking to invest in a new product and service ?
    Do you have the right team ?

  • Do you have ways to grow your code and data at a sustainable pace ?

  • Or do you just want to talk to someone who just cares?

Previous Undertakings

  • Facjure

    I created the backend to handle Text Based search of 30,000 public domain poems and the workflows necessary for publishing them on the web / print using #Clojure, #ElasticSearch and #Heroku.

  • My Dream Store

    My Dream Store is an E-Commerce handling 1000+ orders a day. I helped them get there from 20 orders, multiply their product offerings and revamp their UI using #PHP, #MySQL, #Javascript, #AWS.

  • Yantrams

    At its peak, we had 8k users taking a MCQ test on Tabacus LMS, Yantrams Platform using #Python, #Postgresql and #DigitalOcean.